How to wear my corset

1,Determine the top and bottom of the corset. There is a company label on the back of the corset, it is sewn on the bottom side.

2,Loosen the lacing so that you can put the corset on over your head.(Loosen the bow to the back for maximum clearance)

 3,Put on a corset, adjust the fabric backing on the back.

4,Find two loops in the waist area, slightly pull them up, planting the corset on the figure.

5,Pull the top loop tapes, gathering the top of the lacing. The lower loops collect the lower part of the corset.

6,Tie the loops into a simple knot, select the desired degree of tightening by pulling the loops in different directions. Don't be afraid to pull the tapes hard, they won't break!

7,Tie a strong bow, hide the ribbons under the lacing of the corset. Enjoy your slim waist and flawless silhouette!

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